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10 Good Habits to Practise Every Day: Be A Successful Student – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why some students are more successful than others? There may be many factors behind this but it can be narrowed down to one particular thing and i.e. these students know and follow a few good habits daily which make them successful in each and every venture they take. Let us discuss these good habits which can be developed by anyone to achieve success in your life.

List of habits to improve your physical health, motivation, and self-discipline:-

Good Habit 1. Write down the three to five most important tasks to accomplish for the day

A written list of tasks helps you stay on track because it’s easy to overlook and put off important tasks. So write down your three to five most important tasks for the day, and this way you will stay focused on the critical tasks, and not just the urgent ones.

Good Habit 2. Maintain a Calendar and Update it calendar with key dates and events

Always use a calendar for things related to school/college. It is one of the most important habits for students to stay organized and on schedule on a daily basis. It also helps in planning for the future. You can use a physical calendar or an online one like Google Calendar to record test dates, project submission deadlines, term breaks, etc.

Good Habit 3. Know the basics of time management and planning ahead

Time management is a struggle for a lot of students, especially as assignments become more complex and too many in number. Instead of getting puzzled break it down into the simplest time management habits like:-

  • Use a planner like a Google Calendar to jot down the tasks and their submission dates
  • Set small goals like “spend 15 minutes working on the chapter of Heat in Physics” rather than generalizing it as “study Physics.” This makes it easier to get started, and easier to see progress as well.
  • Learn to pay attention to a watch or clock. Many students struggle while estimating how long things take to complete, as well as how much time they’re spending on unproductive activities. Hence, you need to learn a sense of time by paying attention to how time actually passes.

Good Habit 4. Get organized and stay organized

It is very easy to create a routine for students to follow but it is difficult for them to stay put all the time. It is best if the family members help them from time to time through personal counseling and monitoring their daily activities. Here are 3 top organizational habits of successful students are:-

  1. Set up a homework routine at a consistent time each day
  2. Get everything ready in the backpack the night before
  3. Color code and label folders and binders

Good Habit 5. Find the most productive time of the day and use it for the most challenging task

Do you know when are you most productive? Is it in the early morning? or is it after the dinner? To hack your productivity, the first step is to figure out your most productive period of the day. During this period your body and mind remain fresh. hence, it is the best time to tackle the most challenging task during that time as you can give your full effort to it in the most effective way.

Good Habit 6. Study ahead of your exam, don’t just cram

Review your study materials several days ahead of time, in small parts, and in different manners. Don’t cram the onset of your exam. Cramming only puts information into short-term memory, whereas learning it over many nights and sleeping on it stores it into long-term memory.

Good Habit 7. Learn to take notes in the class

Taking notes in the class when your teacher is giving the lecture actually helps you narrow down what you need to study. This habit while studying on your own can also help you immensely, especially when exam time rolls around. It’s much easier to reread your notes than to reread your entire textbook.

Good Habit 8. Perform focused deep breathing for two minutes before settling down to study

Deep breathing reduces stress and increases willpower. So take just two minutes and perform focused deep breathing every day before you start reading any study material. Do these deep breathing exercises right before tests and exams to relieve stress as well.

Good Habit 9. Make friends you can study with

Whether you have a large number of friends or not, it does matter if you have a few chosen classmates with whom you can study together. Sitting down with a group of people who are learning the same things can help you clear your doubts by quizzing each other and reteaching the same study materials to each other.

Good Habit 10. Manage your study space

Make sure you’re not distracted while you’re studying. Find a place that will maximize your productivity. Look for places away from the television and other distractions.

These small behavioral changes can lead you to big long-term results. Choose the habits you want to work on and take small steps each day to improve them. We will bring another list of 10 good habits that you can develop in order to become a successful student.

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