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Best Career Options available for Bengali Graduates

Bengali is the native language of those living in the state of West Bengal of India. Around 300 million people use this language for communication as native speakers and another 37 million as second language speakers. It is considered that Bengali is the fifth most-spoken native language and the seventh most spoken language by total number of speakers in the world. Bengali is also considered as the fifth most spoken Indo-European language. So one can understand that it offers a lot of career options for Bengali graduates.

Typically one would get a job immediately after graduation. You can apply for jobs in banks, insurance companies, and state governments during your employment. Postgraduates with no interest in their present courses can only teach Bengali as a language if they are postgraduates and Bengali is their native language.

Do a psychometric test from a reliable source or talk to anyone with extensive experience in the field you are interested in. Eventually, you will be able to gauge your interests, personality, and abilities for any Career after BA in Bengali. Furthermore, you can judge whether extra studies, training, foundational internship training, or the like are necessary for you. It is also your responsibility to thoroughly research the following online career options for Bengali graduates.

Bengali Content Writer

This career option perhaps is one of the best options available in the market for Bengali graduates. All you need is a strong vocabulary in both English and Bengali language, and ability to make any given piece of information alive and easy and easy to understand through their plagiarism-free writings. Content writing jobs are available in companies that deal with website designing & development, digital marketing and specialized content writing services, app development, blogging, etc. Salaries are good in this profession, with a decent amount of money being offered to freshers. One can also work pursue a career in freelance Bengali content writing and earn extra beside doing other works. You can work from home also with no need to travel.

If you have a good overall general knowledge, and are well aware of the incidents happening worldwide then you can opt for this career path after completing graduation in Bengali.

Bengali Translator

A Bengali graduate who is also strong in English or any other language can opt for translation jobs in various places. In areas of specialized content writing services, translation services is fast becoming a demanding one nowadays. Like the Bengali content writing services you can also work as a freelance Bengali translator for various content writing service providing companies just by sitting back at your home.

Bengali Interpreter

Another option that you may not have thought of, being a Bengali graduate, is becoming a Bengali interpreter. Bengali Interpreters are responsible for handling phone calls and render the meaning of the conversation between the Bengali and respective language or English speakers. They help to translate non-Bengali speakers and work in a wide range of industries such as Hospitals, Insurance, Healthcare, Financial, Government, Travel and Tourism, Utilities, Court, Law Enforcement, and General Business. This career is safe, with steady demand and steady salaries.

In most companies the purpose of this role is to serve as the first point of contact for employees, managers and HR community in the target geographies to create a positive customer experience through problem understanding and resolution, communicating promptly with progress updates and engaging customers with a courteous and professional attitude. You can expect your starting salary to be around INR 2,50,000 per annum and may vary from 5L – 15L per annum based on the quality of service and experience level.

Human resources

By joining a placement agency or human resources consultancy, you can help others find their career paths in domestic or international recruitment. With multiple agencies servicing international clients in the UK, US, and Gulf region, this professional role is in high demand in Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Mass Communication and Journalism

Consider pursuing a diploma or a postgraduate degree in these fields before heading to Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, where most of the industry is located. Many industries can hire you with a degree in marketing, advertising, film, and public relations.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Then, obtain a degree or diploma in this field and work in a related industry within the country before trying to find employment abroad.


Go to cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai and apply to the film industry with a Sound Engineering diploma or degree. Try your luck at an institute of repute in Kolkata for courses in cinematography, editing, and direction

Bengali Blogger/Vlogger

If you love writing diaries or jotting down anecdotes of each and every interesting experience you have in your life, then blogging might be a good career option for you. Many Bengali graduates in India have turned to creating their own brand as a blogger or vlogger (video blogger) with content all written in Bengali that caters to the relevant audience. Blogging and earning through Adsense and Affiliate Marketing is fast becoming a lucrative career option for those who wants to earn on their own pace.

Digital Marketing & Content Marketing

Digital Marketing is another lucrative career for Bengali graduates. All you need to be is a little bit tech-savvy. Digital Marketing is one such area where graduates and post-graduates from any field can join provided they have the right kind of training and certification in digital marketing. This job involves working as a content marketing manager for a digital marketing firm or team. One may also venture into the fields of Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You may have to brainstorm, write content for social media adverts, blogs, articles, press releases, website, and various other types of platforms etc.

There are several more career options for Bengali graduates but these few are the most popular ones nowadays and also the highest-paying ones too.